This blog was created after some though; does the world need another self-indulgent blog about the life of a twenty something? The answer is probably no which is why I was initially reluctant to pursue the idea. For some reason the idea just kept floating to the top of my mind until I could no longer ignore it and VOILA! Consider this an outlet for my urge to share facts about the life, universe and everything with various friends and strangers.

By way of introduction, my name if Jude. I am guessing that, at least initially, most people who read this blog will know me quite well. For those of you who might stumble across this quite accidentally then I guess I had better give you a little background. I am a twenty-four year old girl living in Melbourne’s Inner North. I currently work nine to five to support my unhealthy addiction to collecting music, books and clothing. I have also been known to spend more money on gigs than rent in any given month.

The purpose of this blog has changed somewhat since its inception. From the beginning of 2011 onwards I intend to use it as a record of the aforementioned addictions by documenting each CD, LP and book purchases that I make. I will also attempt to briefly review each gig I go to. So as not to restrict myself too much I will also post on other things from time to time.

If you have any suggestions for my blog please feel free to comment on this page or any entry.

Happy reading!


One Response to “ABOUT”

  1. Christian May 5, 2010 at 12:15 AM #

    nice blog! keep on!

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