Have you ever seen that cheesy movie ‘Pay It Forward’? No? Well, let me give you a rundown. Hayley Joel Osment (who went on to play the ‘I see dead people’ kid in the Sixth Sense) plays a young boy who is given an assignment by his teacher to come up with an idea that will ‘improve mankind’. As trite as that sounds I can’t help coming back to that idea when i’m trying to describe what I want people to get out of the Bookshare Project.

Taking inspiration from other initiative I had read about online such as Book Crossing and Pass-the-Book I wanted to come up with a way of sharing the books I have read and enjoyed with other people. Although passing a book on to a friend after reading it is a great way to share, the journey of the book is necessarily limited by the size of your circle of friends.

From the beginning of June I will be leaving a number of books I have read in various locations around Melbourne with instructions in the front cover directing people to email me for further instructions. The finder of a book will be asked to;

    1. Read the book
    2. Respond to the book in any way they like. This response will be published on this website for others to see
    3. Leave the book somewhere for the next person to find
  • In this way I hope that people will be able not only to enjoy the book but they will be able to follow the book’s journey through the hands of numerous other readers.

    Initially I will only be ‘releasing’ books of my own but if anyone would like to donate books for me to ‘release’ please email me jude at lipservicelibrarian dot com


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